Season 1
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Season 1 | Episode 111 | Aired 12/07/2004

Back on the island, Locke, Kate and Boone catch up with Jack and realize he's been going in circles. Locke insists that he return to camp and look over Sayid, "You be the doctor, I'll be the hunter." But Jack refuses and follows after them.

At camp, Michael fills up water bottles, all the while complaining to Hurley that Locke treats him like a second class citizen. Walt defends Locke and advises his father to listen to him. Michael doesn't take this too well and in a competitive action, resolves to head south in search of Charlie and Claire.

Meanwhile, the northern search continues, but they're having trouble finding any leads. Locke wants to rest, but Jack insists they push on. Kate follows Jack in an attempt to find out what's driving him so hard. Jack reveals that he feels guilty about not believing Claire when she said that someone was trying to take her baby. Locke calls after them because he's found a piece of tape from Charlie's fingers. It seems that Charlie left them a trail. They follow it hopefully, until Locke picks up the footprints again. Locke wants to follow them, while Jack insists they continue on Charlie's trail. Kate points out that the footprints could be a trap. Since she seems to know an awful lot about tracking herself, they split in two Kate with Jack follow Charlie's trail, while Locke with Boone continue to follow the footprints.

Back at the caves, Walt and Hurley play backgammon. The more Walt continues to win, the more his ability to, "make things happen" becomes apparent. Hurley leaves in utter defeat and frustration. Bored, Walt wanders down to the beach and spreads the news about Charlie and Claire. He runs into Sawyer and suggests that maybe they aren't the only people on the island. While Sawyer brushes him off, he can't help but be disturbed at the thought.

Out on the search, Locke & Boone get to know one another. Boone is surprised to learn of Locke's meager existence in the real world John Locke was a Regional Collections Supervisor for a box company. Meanwhile, Jack attempts to get to know Kate a little better, asking her to give him something honest for once and tell him where she picked up her tracking skills. Kate tells Jack that her father was in the army and that he taught her about tracking when they would go hiking together. And off that revelation about Kate's father, we go to

a FLASHBACK with Jack's father, who encourages his son to sign off on the death report, which conveniently leaves out the part about his father's mistakes. Jack refuses to sign, insisting that his father was impaired, which is what ultimately led to the woman's death. Jack's father reminds him that he is on the hook too Jack is the surgeon on record when the woman died. He begs his son not to contradict the report or mention anything about the involvement of alcohol it would cost him his license. He further appeals to his son's emotions, telling him just what he wants to hear: He's been hard on him to make him the best surgeon in the city. Jack's father promises that it will never happen again and Jack signs the papers.

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