Season 1
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Season 1 | Episode 111 | Aired 12/07/2004

Back in the jungle, Jack and Kate come across Charlie, strung up by his neck, hanging from a tree limb. Kate struggles to climb the tree and cut him down as Jack holds him up. She finally succeeds and Jack works to resuscitate him. It becomes increasingly clear that Charlie is gone and Kate has to pull Jack away but Jack won't give up, and after beating on Charlie's chest, he gets him to breathe again.

Back at camp, Michael returns without success, disappointing Walt; Kate tells Shannon her brother is safe with Locke; and Jack tries to get Charlie to talk about what happened but Charlie is experiencing a sort of shellshock and can only convey that all Ethan wanted was Claire.

Out in the jungle, Boone is ready to turn back, the bravado replaced by fear. But his mind changes when he and Locke make an extraordinary discovery something metal embedded in the ground and it's not a piece of the wreckage. Excited, Locke vows to find out exactly what it is.


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