Season 1
Do No Harm
Do No Harm
Season 1 | Episode 120 | Aired 04/05/2005

We pick up right where we left off, as Jack works to save Boone, who was crushed in the Beechcraft he and Locke found out in the jungle. Jack enlists help from Sun and sends Kate for Sawyer's alcohol stash, when Boone's lung collapses. Jack acts fast, pours some alcohol on Boone's chest and uses a knitting needle to puncture the lung and temporarily remedy the situation.

Off Jack, we FLASHBACK to a tuxedo shop, where Jack ties a bowtie on his friend Silverman (his childhood buddy way back in episode #103). When the tuxedo manager comes out with a jacket for the groom, Silverman points to Jack and we realize that Jack is about to get married.

Back at the caves, Jack examines Boone's legs to see they're fractured and that he's lost a lot of blood. Boone begins to come around; convinced he's going to die. But Jack tells him he's not going to die. Why? Because Jack is going to save him.


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