Season 1
Do No Harm
Do No Harm
Season 1 | Episode 120 | Aired 04/05/2005

At the beach, Claire finds Sawyer, Michael and Jin at the raft and asks when it's going to be ready, clearly anxious to get off the island. Kate rushes into the scene and tells Sawyer that they need his alcohol for Boone. She explains that Boone was injured while out hunting for boar. But Sawyer points out that they haven't been getting any boar lately, casting some doubt on Locke's story.

Meanwhile, Jack works to sew up Boone's chest and concludes that he needs a blood transfusion. And as Jack steps out for some air, debating what to do, Charlie approaches, peppering him with questions and causing Jack to snap, as we...

...FLASHBACK to Jack, on his cell phone, trying to reach his Dad. Silverman interrupts and tells him to come back inside to his rehearsal dinner for the toasts. And this is where we meet Sarah, the bride to be, who gives a toast so flattering, it makes Jack uncomfortable. We learn that Sarah met Jack because she was in a car accident an accident so bad she was deemed irreparable. But Jack promised he would fix her and he did just that because when Jack says he's going to do something, he does it. And Sarah raises her glass to the most committed man she's ever known Jack Shephard, her hero.

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