Season 1
Do No Harm
Do No Harm
Season 1 | Episode 120 | Aired 04/05/2005

We FLASHBACK to the big wedding day, where Jack stands with Sarah as she gives her vows. But when it comes time to deliver his own, he hesitates, scaring his bride for a tense beat when he explains that he's not good at letting go he's stubborn afraid to fail. And just when we think that Jack might actually take his fathers advice and back out of this marriage, Jack turns and tells Sarah that after her accident, he didn't fix her, she fixed him. "We can do this. I love you and always will." And as the happy couple kiss we go ...

... back to Boone, the blade about to drop. He calls Jack's name, stopping him in the process and asking Jack to let him go he knows he's all messed up inside. Jack's conflicted and doesn't want to give up. But Boone begs until Jack final relents and moves him out of the guillotine.

Meanwhile, Claire delivers a final push and gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Charlie and Jin celebrate. And as a new life enters the island, another one leaves Boone takes his last breath with Jack watching over him .

Back on the beach, the survivors celebrate the birth. But the celebration is cut short for Jack, who has to face Shannon when she returns with Sayid, oblivious to the fact that her brother is dead. While Shannon mourns over Boone's body, Kate goes to Jack to see if he's okay. Jack is oddly cold, packing his backpack as she speaks. "Boone died, Jack." Jack retorts, "Boone didn't die, he was murdered." And with that statement, Jack heads out. Kate asks where he's going and Jack responds, "To find John Locke "


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