Season 3
A Tale of Two Cities
A Tale of Two Cities
Season 3 | Episode 301 | Aired 10/03/2006

We're the middle of a suburban home as a woman puts on a CD and prepares her house for guests. Who is this woman? And why is she upset? She sings along to cheer herself up as she prepares muffins for her book club meeting. During the meeting, just as a debate gets heated, the room starts shaking. Is it an earthquake? The book club members run outside to investigate and we see they are a part of a small community of houses. Everybody tracks the noises upwards to see a plane tear apart in mid air. The fuselage falls in one direction while the tail section falls in another. A familiar face, Henry Gale, gives orders and we realize what we've just witnessed: the crash of Ocean Flight 815.

Don't let suburbia fool you this is the Others' home. We've been on the island all this time. Welcome to Season Three, folks. We're still LOST.


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