Season 3
A Tale of Two Cities
A Tale of Two Cities
Season 3 | Episode 301 | Aired 10/03/2006
Jack awakes on a dark steel table in a room with Plexiglass dividing it and a harness hanging from the ceiling. He tries to get out but the room is secured and locked. Somewhere outside, Sawyer awakes in a cage with a mysterious food dispenser. In a locker room, Kate awakes to find Mr. Friendly standing over her. He offers her a shower to freshen up and a new dress.

Jack is visited by the woman running the book club. She introduces herself as Juliet. She tries to reason with him but Jack stubbornly refuses, demanding to know where his friends are and what's going on. She offers him food if he cooperates in an attempt to gain his trust. But Jack isn't playing by her rules and lies when she asks him questions about himself.


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