Season 3
The Glass Ballerina
The Glass Ballerina
Season 3 | Episode 302 | Aired 10/17/2006

Little seven year old Sun breaks a glass ballerina and lies about it to her father. She blames the maid, knowing full well she'll be fired. Her father knows Sun is lying and is disappointed with her but accepts her story.

Flash forward to the sailboat, where Sayid, Jin and Sun still wait for Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Michael. Sayid is concerned they can't see their signal fire and wants to sail around the mountains and light another fire. Worried about Sun's health, Jin won't do it. He wants to leave and claims only he can sail the boat. However, Sun reveals that she, too, can sail the boat and decides they will do what Sayid wants.

In the Hydra station, Ben learns from Colleen that "the Iraqi" has a sailboat and might be able find them. Ben tells Colleen to put together a team and go get the sailboat. Colleen tells Pickett about her orders, and he kisses her good bye on the check.

[quote-right]Sawyer and Kate witness this interesting moment before they are taken out to a jungle clearing and ordered to remove the rocks. Pickett lays down the rules and warns them if they break them they'll be shocked. Kate tries to stall, but Pickett shows how ruthless he can be by zapping Sawyer for her insolence.


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