Season 3
The Glass Ballerina
The Glass Ballerina
Season 3 | Episode 302 | Aired 10/17/2006
On the boat, Sayid finds the dock where Michael and Walt were let go and where Jack, Kate and Sawyer were taken captive. He tells Jin this would be a good place to light the new signal fire. Sayid then confesses to Sun his real plan: he thinks the Others have their friends captive. He will build the fire to draw them out and then kill all but two, playing them off each other for information. Jin figures out Sayid's murderous intent, and also realizes Sun lied about it, betraying him.

Flashback to reveal Sun in bed with ... Jae Lee! He gives her a pearl necklace, and wants her to leave Jin and go to America with him but she refuses. Then they are interrupted by Sun's father! Sun is embarrassed at being caught. Disgusted, Mr. Paik orders her to dress and leave.

Later, Paik tells Jin that Jae Lee has been stealing from him and has shamed him. Paik orders Jin to kill Jae Lee. Jin refuses and quits. Paik tells him he can't quit. He is family now, and Paik's shame is Jin's shame.

At the jungle clearing, Sawyer sizes up the situation and makes a decision. He crosses to Kate, sweeps her into his arms and kisses her a hardcore, swooning kiss! And Kate goes with it, kissing him back. Pickett and two Others pull him away, but Sawyer fights back, breaking Pickett's nose. Juliet ends the fight by holding a gun on Kate, and Sawyer gives up. Pickett's hatred boils over, and he immediately zaps Sawyer unconscious.


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