Season 3
The Glass Ballerina
The Glass Ballerina
Season 3 | Episode 302 | Aired 10/17/2006
[quote-left]Back in their cages, Sawyer reveals to Kate the kiss was a setup to test the Others. Disappointed but impressed, Kate helps Sawyer plot their escape. But unbeknownst to them, surveillance cameras are trained on them. And in a room watching the monitors, Ben hears every word of their plan.

Despondent and broken down, Jack learns that all Ben wants is for Jack to change his perspective. Ben offers to take Jack home if he does what Ben wants and then he proves to Jack they have contact with the outside world. He shows Jack a video of the Red Sox winning the World Series. Ben stops the video and repeats his offer. He will take him home ... and amazingly Jack starts to believe him.


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