Season 3
Further Instructions
Further Instructions
Season 3 | Episode 303 | Aired 10/10/2006

Locke wakes up in the jungle, disoriented, wondering how he got there. Then he hears something in the brush. It sounds like someone running. He looks over and sees Desmond run by, completely naked. Locke tries to shout out to him but can't. Locke finds himself mute.

Back at the camp, Locke builds a sweat lodge. Charlie tries to talk to him, but Locke can't speak. He mimes that he's going to talk to the island, and he asks Charlie to stand guard outside his structure.

Inside, Locke prepares a bowl of paste and then eats it. Sweating, Locke goes into a trance and finds Boone sitting next to him. In Locke's vision, Boone puts him in his old wheelchair and takes him through the Sydney airport. Boone tells him someone is in danger and Locke is the only one who can save them. Is it Claire and Charlie with Aaron waiting at check in? Sun and Jin arguing with Sayid breaking it up? Hurley and Desmond as Oceanic Air employees? Or Jack, Kate and Sawyer in line at a security checkpoint with Henry Gale as the security guard? No, it's none of them. Locke finds Mr. Eko's Jesus stick covered in blood. Boone, now appearing bloody and mangled, tells Locke he hasn't much time. Locke wakes up in the sweat lodge right as a polar bear lunges at him. Locke stumbles outside where Charlie waits. Locke now knows what he must do: he needs to save Mr. Eko from the polar bears.


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