Season 3
Every Man for Himself
Every Man for Himself
Season 3 | Episode 304 | Aired 10/24/2006

Sawyer rigs his cage so he and Kate can escape. Ben approaches, and Sawyer grabs him. However, nothing happens. Ben tells him they turned off the electricity, and beats Sawyer unconscious. When he wakes up, he's strapped down to a table. They shove a stick in his mouth and plunge a huge needle into his heart!

Later, Ben shows Sawyer a caged rabbit. Ben scares the bunny, which falls over and dies. It had a small pacemaker inserted in its heart to give it a kick start if it gets anxious, frightened, or tries to escape. Ben gives Sawyer a heart rate monitor and warns him that if his heart rate goes over 140 his heart will explode. And if Sawyer tells Kate, they'll put a pacemaker in her, too.

Back at the cages, Kate immediately questions him, but Sawyer ain't talkin'. Kate has an escape plan she could squeeze through the bars at the top of her cage and get them out. Sawyer dissuades her. Kate doesn't understand. They could escape and he's telling her not to?

Flashback to Sawyer in jail. The new guy, Munson, stole $10 million dollars from the government and hid it. Munson denies stealing it, of course. Sawyer guesses Warden Harris is protecting Munson to play him for the money. Sawyer warns Munson that the Warden will turn his wife against him. When questioned why he's freely offering this advice, Sawyer expresses his hatred for the Warden. Whether the money's real or not, he doesn't want the Warden to get it.


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