Season 3
Every Man for Himself
Every Man for Himself
Season 3 | Episode 304 | Aired 10/24/2006
WHOOSH to the Others returning with Colleen, bloody and pale from Sun's gunshot. Juliet asks Jack for his help. Jack scrubs in, and notices x rays on a lightbox. Juliet says those aren't Colleen's. In the O.R., Juliet confesses she's not a surgeon and couldn't stop the bleeding. Jack finds the bleeder but Colleen dies on the table.

Pickett goes ballistic, ranting that they did this, and beelines for Sawyer's cage. He savagely beats him in front of Kate, demanding to know if she loves him. Kate confesses that she does, and Pickett stops.

Back in jail during visitation, Sawyer sees Munson arguing with his wife. Sawyer's visitation is with Cassidy, who shows him a photo of their baby daughter, Clementine. Cassidy hoped Sawyer would write a letter to her, but Sawyer becomes angry. Denies he has a baby. Cassidy gets the message and backs off.

Munson tells Sawyer he was right about the Warden using his wife against him. Sawyer tells him when you care, that's when they come after you. Munson wants Sawyer's help moving it. His wife hired a private investigator to find it, and he'd rather Sawyer screw him over than his wife.


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