Season 3
The Cost of Living
The Cost of Living
Season 3 | Episode 305 | Aired 10/31/2006

Eko is unconscious and dreams about when he and his brother, Yemi, were kids. They broke into the church pantry to steal food and were caught. He is told hunger is no excuse to sin and forced to confess. He snaps awake to find Yemi is standing in his tent. Dressed in his priest's collar, he tells Eko to confess his sins and be judged.

Ben brings Jack to Colleen's funeral. Jack asks about the X-rays and guesses that Ben has the tumor. Ben denies it. He then confronts Juliet about it, but she didn't tell Jack.

Sayid, Jin and Sun return to camp, and Sayid updates Locke. Locke proposes they go to the Pearl station and use its computer to contact the Others. He hopes to start a dialogue with them to get back Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Eko mumbled Yemi's name before he disappeared, so Locke believes Eko is going to the Nigerian plane where Yemi's body rests. The plane also happens to be on top of the entrance to the Pearl station.


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