Season 3
The Cost of Living
The Cost of Living
Season 3 | Episode 305 | Aired 10/31/2006
Back in Nigeria, after Yemi is killed, Eko is returned to the church. Eko walks through it, very aware he was responsible for his brother's death. He finds Yemi's Bible and a photo of them as kids tucked between its pages. He is interrupted by Amina, who asks about Father Yemi. Eko tells her he is taking Yemi's place. Amina introduces her son, Daniel, who is an altar boy in the church.

Outside, they hear gun shots. It's Emeka and his gang who demand the vaccine. Amina tells them it'll arrive on Friday. She explains that the clinic gets ten percent of the vaccine, and Emeka and his gang get the rest as payment for protection. Eko isn't afraid of Emeka, so Emeka shoots and kills a random woman. Eko is angry but keeps quiet so he doesn't blow his cover. Emeka promises to return for the vaccine.

On the island, Eko stumbles through the jungle, dehydrated and delirious. He sees Emeka and his men, bloody and butchered. Then he sees Daniel, who tells him to confess. He stumbles to a stream for water. While he's drinking, he hears the smoke monster and sees its reflection looming menacingly behind him. But then it dissipates, and Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Nikki and Paulo break through the jungle on the opposite side of the stream. Together they continue to the plane and Pearl station.


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