Season 3
The Cost of Living
The Cost of Living
Season 3 | Episode 305 | Aired 10/31/2006
In the Pearl station, Sayid concludes they can't send a message to the Others. They check the monitors for other stations on the island, and most of them are blank. But then a live feed reveals another working station on the island when suddenly a face pops into view: a menacing man with a patch over his right eye. He reaches up and turns the camera off. Everyone reacts.

Outside, Yemi appears to Eko asks him if he's ready to confess his sins. Eko refuses to do so. He maintains he has not sinned. He killed to save their lives. He is not sorry he is proud. He asks what has God done for him.

Yemi chastises Eko for speaking to him as if they he were brothers. Suddenly the smoke monster coils up before him. It grabs Eko, and slams him violently against the trees. Locke hears the smoke monster's roar and runs out. By the time he gets to Eko, he is dying. Locke tries to comfort him, but Eko whispers one last thing to him before he dies: they're next.


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