Season 3
I Do
I Do
Season 3 | Episode 306 | Aired 11/07/2006
While Kate and Sawyer are working, a warning sounds it's a compound breach. Suddenly Alex runs out of the jungle holding a slingshot and firing rocks, demanding to know where her boyfriend is. She's grabbed from behind and taken off. She shouts to Kate that they'll kill her boyfriend, meaning Sawyer, just like they killed hers.

Juliet tells Kate that Pickett is going to kill Sawyer, but if Kate can convince Jack to do the operation, Kate can save Sawyer's life. When Jack and Kate see each other, emotion overcomes them. Kate hates being used but she tells Jack he has to do the operation. Jack is mad she believes the Others... and mad that she's there asking him to save Sawyer's life.

Flashback to Kate, nervous before her wedding. Kevin's mom, Suzanne, gives her a beautiful gold locket her mom had given her. Kate tells her mother in laws aren't supposed to be so nice. During the ceremony, the Minister talks about Kate's honesty and faithfulness, and how what you see is what you get. But Kevin, Suzanne and the Minister think Kate's name is Monica, and Kate is aware of the irony of those words.

After shopping for dinner, Kate calls U.S. Marshal Mars. She doesn't want to run any more, and pleads for him to stop chasing her. He guesses it's about a guy. She tells him she loves the guy. The Marshal agrees that if Kate can really stay put, really settle down, he'll stop chasing her. But he and Kate both know that's not going to happen.


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