Season 3
Not in Portland
Not in Portland
Season 3 | Episode 307 | Aired 02/06/2007

"Kate, dammit, RUN!"

With Ben bleeding out on the operation table, Jack stops the surgery to give Kate and Sawyer enough time to escape. Juliet orders Ivan to bring them back to kill them if necessary. Jack warns her he'll let Ben die. Jack tells Friendly that Juliet asked him to kill Ben. Juliet denies it. Friendly orders Juliet to leave the room.

Kate and Sawyer make it to the shore but realize they need a boat. With Pickett, Jason and Ivan hot on their trail, they run back into the jungle to hide. They meet Alex, who hides them in a camouflaged tiger pit. Alex tells them she has a boat they can use but only if they help rescue her boyfriend, Karl.

FLASHBACK to Juliet in Miami. She visits her sister, and in the hallway passes Ethan Rom. He says hello but Juliet doesn't know him. Juliet wakes Rachel and gives her an injection. Rachel has lost her hair from chemotherapy, so what's the injection Juliet gives her? A cancer drug? Juliet tells Rachel they can stop if she wants. Rachel asks her if she's worried if Edmund Burke, Juliet's ex husband who runs the research lab, will find out.


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