Season 3
Flashes Before Your Eyes
Flashes Before Your Eyes
Season 3 | Episode 308 | Aired 02/20/2007

Desmond brings Hurley and Charlie to a secret meeting with Locke and Sayid. Locke tells them Eko died, that he was killed by the "island." Locke doesn't want to cause a panic in the camp and needs their help keeping the calm.

Suddenly, Desmond takes off running back to camp. He sprints to the ocean and dives in. Charlie, Hurley, Sayid and Locke follow and see someone in the water. The person Desmond saves is Claire! Desmond brings her back to the beach and resuscitates her.

Charlie demands to know how he knew she was drowning, and Hurley tells him Desmond can see the future. Charlie is disturbed by Desmond's behavior. He doesn't buy Hurley's precognitive theory and plans to get Desmond drunk to get the truth.

They offer him whiskey from Sawyer's stash. They get good and drunk, but Desmond won't talk. Charlie calls him a coward. Enraged, he attacks Charlie, screaming they don't want to know what happened when he turned that key. We WHOOOSH back to the final moments of the hatch ripping apart as Desmond frantically climbs down to the fail safe switch, inserts the key and turns it FWOOOM!


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