Season 3
Stranger in a Strange Land
Stranger in a Strange Land
Season 3 | Episode 309 | Aired 02/20/2007
Back on the island, Isabel reads the Chinese characters of Jack's tattoo and asks if he knows what it means. Jack says yes, but Isabel doubts him. There's something chilling and dangerous about her. She takes him to Ben's office. In a seemingly court like proceeding, with Juliet handcuffed to a chair, Isabel asks Jack if Juliet asked him to kill Ben. Jack lies and says no. He tells her that he would've said anything to get his friends out. Isabel doesn't believe him.

Back in Sawyer's old cage, Jack wakes up to find a group of Others staring at him like he's a zoo exhibit. He's angry and yells at them to leave. A woman says hello, and he remembers her. It's Cindy, the flight attendant from the plane. He thought she was abducted. She's okay but says it's not as simple as that. With her are the kids, Emma and Zack. Emma wants to know if Ana Lucia is okay. Jack gets angry and tells Cindy to leave and watch whatever it is they came to see.


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