Season 3
Stranger in a Strange Land
Stranger in a Strange Land
Season 3 | Episode 309 | Aired 02/20/2007
Back on the island, Jack makes a deal with Ben. He promises to stay and see Ben back to health if Ben stops Juliet's execution. [quote-right]Ben tells Jack that Juliet is one of them, that she has no feelings for him. Jack doesn't care. Ben agrees, and Alex races to the hearing room. She gives Isabel Ben's note: Juliet's sentence is commuted but she must be marked.

Afterwards, alive and grateful, Juliet brings Jack a sandwich. She's obviously in pain, and Jack asks to see her mark. Juliet shows him: she has been branded on her lower back. She wants to know why he helped her. He says together they're going to make Ben keep his word about letting them go home.

As they prepare to leave the island, Isabel tells Jack what his tattoo says: he walks among us but is not one of us. Jack tells her the characters may say that but the tattoo is not what they mean.

On the main island, Sawyer tells Kate he let Karl go. Kate's upset. Karl could've lead them to where the Others live. Sawyer says Karl was a target, and that would've made them a target, too. He tells her not to take her frustrations out on him. He knows she feels guilty about leaving Jack behind and about them sleeping together. He knows she only did it because she thought he was a dead man. Kate is shocked he's right but won't admit it. She denies she feels guilty, and they begin the trek home.


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