Season 3
Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Season 3 | Episode 310 | Aired 02/27/2007

As a little boy, Hurley carefully lays out his father's tools. They're repairing a Camaro together, and today they're going to work on the carburetor. But his father, David, wants Hurley to try and start the Camaro anyway. Of course nothing happens, and Hurley says it was stupid to try. David says having hope is never stupid. In this world you make your own luck. Then David tells Hurley he's going away for awhile and leaves.

On the island, Hurley talks to Libby at her grave and tells her he misses her. [quote-right]Later, he runs into Charlie and asks him why he's been moping around. Charlie confesses that Desmond told him he's going to die. Hurley thinks it's his fault. Death finds him because of the cursed numbers and lottery winnings. Charlie says that's ridiculous right as Vincent runs up carrying a skeletal arm in his mouth with a set of car keys hooked on it. Hurley chases Vincent through the jungle. Vincent drops the arm in a clearing, and Hurley sees a mini van tipped over on its side in the foliage. He is strangely excited by the discovery.

At the beach camp, Sun tries to teach Jin English, but it's frustrating for both of them. Hurley races back and tells everyone about the van. He wants to repair it and get it running because it'll be fun. However, no one cares except for Jin. He's happy to get away from Sun.


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