Season 3
Enter 77
Enter 77
Season 3 | Episode 311 | Aired 03/06/2007

Sayid, Locke, Kate and Rousseau trek towards the Others' camp. Sayid comes across...a cow. In the jungle. That's strange. And then he hears a distant whistle. He follows the cow and discovers a farmhouse, which has a huge satellite dish. Then Sayid sees Patchy, the one eyed man they saw in the Pearl station monitors. Sayid decides to go up and talk to Patchy. Locke and Kate will stay behind and cover him. But Rousseau has survived on the island by avoiding these types of confrontations and slinks back into the jungle.

FLASHBACK to Paris, where Sayid works in a restaurant under the name Najeev. A customer, Sami, congratulates him on the food, and asks where he's from. Sayid initially denies he is Iraqi, but Sami is also Iraqi. He owns a nicer restaurant and wants Sayid to come work for him. When Sayid visits, Sami's wife, Amira, identifies him as "the one." Sayid is taken prisoner and beaten unconscious.

[quote-left]At the beach camp, Sawyer discovers everyone playing ping pong with a walnut. He has a ping pong ball, but he won't give it to them because they took his stuff while he was gone. His challenge: he'll play them and when he wins, he gets all his stuff back. And if he loses? Well, that ain't happening, but he concedes to no nicknames for a week.[quote-right]


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