Season 3
Enter 77
Enter 77
Season 3 | Episode 311 | Aired 03/06/2007
[quote-right]Sayid approaches the farmhouse. Immediately, he is shot in the shoulder. Patchy yells that they had a truce, he didn't cross the line. When Patchy comes out to check on Sayid, Locke and Kate move and hold him at gun point. Patchy tells them he is Mikhail Bakunin, and he's the last living member of the Dharma Initiative.

Mikhail takes Sayid inside so he can remove the bullet from his shoulder. Kate grabs the medical kit while Locke explores the place. Mikhail explains he's been on the island for eleven years living alone in the farmhouse, which they call the Flame station. Its purpose is to communicate with the outside world. All the Dharma members died in a foolishly initiated war with the Hostiles. They called it the Purge. Mikhail survived by not participating. After it was over, the Hostiles told him he could live if he never left the valley. It was a line he could not cross.

WHOOSH to Paris, where Sayid is shackled in a storage room. Sami confronts him and wants him to admit he tortured Amira. Sayid denies it, but Sami doesn't believe him. Amira definitely remembers Sayid's face. If Sayid won't admit he tortured Amira, Sami will kill him.

[quote-left]In the Flame station, Locke finds the computer room. On the computer a chess game awaits. Locke can't help himself and sits down to play. Mikhail warns him the game cheats. Locke laughs it off and keeps playing.


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