Season 3
Enter 77
Enter 77
Season 3 | Episode 311 | Aired 03/06/2007
Back in Paris, Sami tries to beat a confession out of Sayid. Amira stops him and talks to Sayid alone. She holds a cat and explains that she rescued the cat from being tortured by the neighbor hood kids. The cat helped her overcome her own fears. But every once in a while the cat would bite her because he has forgotten that he is safe now. So she forgives the cat because she knows what it's like to never feel safe and that's because of Sayid. She asks Sayid for the respect of acknowledging what he did to her. Sayid breaks down and finally apologizes. Surprisingly, Amira forgives him. She lets him go but makes him promise never to return to Paris again.

At the beach camp, everyone votes for Hurley to play against Sawyer, and the match is on. But to Sawyer's shock, Hurley is a great ping pong player. Better than Sawyer. And Sawyer quickly finds himself hustled. As Sawyer is about to call him a nickname in protest, Hurley reminds him nuh uh, no nicknames for a week.

Mikhail refuses to lead them to the Others, but it doesn't matter. The binders Sayid took contains an electrical map which shows a place indicated as the Barracks. Sayid guesses that's where the Others live. Kate and Locke return from the station. Locke mysteriously admits he now knows why Mikhail didn't want him playing that chess game and then BOOM! The Flame station explodes! Sayid is furious with Locke. It was their only hope of contacting the outside world. Locke says he entered the code for a Hostile incursion. Sayid swallows his anger, and they head off for the Barracks. As they leave, Sayid sees the cat, Nadia, in the jungle. Watching him.


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