Season 3
Par Avion
Par Avion
Season 3 | Episode 312 | Aired 03/13/2007

Claire wakes up to a perfect day on the island: Charlie is taking care of Aaron and has prepared a picnic. Desmond approaches Charlie to go boar hunting with him, hinting it might be better than spending the day on a picnic. Charlie gets it but Claire is upset. Just then, a flock of migratory birds flies overhead, and a glint of sunlight reflects off a tag on one of the birds. Claire suddenly realizes how they can get off the island. The birds are being tracked. If they can capture one, they can send a note for help.

Flashback to Sydney where Claire is in a bad car accident. Her mother has been thrown through the windshield and lays on the street, bloody and unconscious. But this Claire is not the sweet blonde we've come to know on the island. This Claire is dressed all in black, with dyed black hair and thick mascara. At the hospital, Claire is defensive and tells an officer that a truck forced them off the road. The officer thinks Claire was driving too fast, but Claire angrily insists it wasn't her fault.

After cleaning up, Claire checks on her mom and finds her Aunt Lindsey there. The doctor comes in and tells them Claire's mom has suffered severe head trauma. She'll need life support to stay alive. Claire is devastated. Lindsey says they can't afford the costs, but the doctor assures them the expenses have already been paid.

On the island, Sayid, Kate, Locke, Rousseau and Mikhail trek through the jungle. Kate doesn't understand if they have a way off the island why anyone would want to come back. Mikhail says they wouldn't understand because they are they are flawed. They aren't on the list because they are angry, weak and frightened. The list was made by the man who brought all the Others there. He's a magnificent man, and it isn't Ben.


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