Season 3
The Man from Tallahassee
The Man from Tallahassee
Season 3 | Episode 313 | Aired 03/20/2007
On the island, Kate, Sayid and Locke wait until night falls to sneak up to Jack's house. Kate quietly enters and finds Jack playing the piano. Emotion floods her face, but Jack is apprehensive. He tells her to get out now! It's not the reaction she hoped to get. Jack says they're watching him, and he points up to a video camera in a corner of the room. Kate says she isn't leaving without him. Right then the door bursts open and two armed Others grab her and force her onto the ground. They bring in a struggling Sayid and ask who else is with them. Kate realizes they didn't catch Locke. She lies and says it's only her and Sayid.

In Ben's house, Ben hears something and wakes up. Standing in his room, pointing a gun at him, is Locke. He demands to know where the submarine is. Locke says he learned about it from Mikhail. But they are interrupted first by Alex, whom Locke grabs and hides in the closest, and then by Friendly. Friendly tells Ben that they captured Kate and Sayid trying to rescue Jack. [quote-left]Ben tells Friendly to separate them and interrogate them. He wants to know how they found the barracks. Then Ben gives one of the Others a cryptic order: bring him the man from Tallahassee. Once alone, Locke wants to know if that was a code. Ben assures him it is not. Locke needs Sayid's pack and tells Alex to go get it.

FLASHBACK to a florist shop where Locke watches his father, Anthony Cooper, with Peter's mom. Cooper notices Locke, and slips over for a chat. Locke knows Cooper is conning the woman for her money. Even her son knows something is wrong. He won't let Cooper ruin another family's life. He warns Cooper to call the wedding off and end it or he'll tell the woman the truth. Cooper reluctantly agrees.


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