Season 3
The Man from Tallahassee
The Man from Tallahassee
Season 3 | Episode 313 | Aired 03/20/2007
On the island, Ben asks Locke if he regained his ability to walk immediately after the plane crash. Locke says yes. Ben asks if Locke is afraid it will go away if he leaves. That it's why he wants to destroy the submarine. Ben tells Locke that if he blows it up, he'll have a big problem with his people. [quote-left]They need to know they can leave if they want to, and the submarine maintains that illusion. And if Locke stops and thinks, Ben can show him things he wants to see very badly. Then Ben offers to explain it in a way Locke will understand. He tells Locke to picture a box. Locke knows something about boxes, doesn't he? Somewhere on the island is a large box, and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted, would be inside the box. Locke makes a joke about it, and calls Ben a hypocrite. If Ben knew what the island really was, he'd have more respect for it.[quote-right]

Alex returns with Sayid's pack, and Locke makes her take him to the sub. Locke goes inside and checks it out. Juliet and Jack are escorted to the dock so they can leave in the sub. They run into Locke as he's walking back up the dock and then BOOM! The sub explodes.

FLASHBACK to Locke in the hospital. The two detectives inform him that his father has fled to Mexico and then disappeared. They leave as a physical therapist, Kincaid, brings Locke his wheelchair. Locke says he doesn't want to go into it. Kincaid lifts Locke out of bed and places him in his wheelchair for the first time. A look of despair crosses his face, and Locke cries.

[quote-left]On the island, Ben leads Locke down a hallway, telling him that for whatever reason Locke's in communion with the island. And that makes Locke very, very important. They stop at a door, and Ben opens it. Locke goes white with shock. Inside the room tied to a chair, gagged, and looking terrified is Locke's dad.


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