Season 3
Season 3 | Episode 318 | Aired 05/01/2007
Sun works in her garden. Jack joins her and asks questions about her pregnancy. Routine check up questions at first and then he asks if there's been any bleeding. Jack maintains he's just checking in, but Sun is clearly disturbed. Sun goes to Kate and asks if she thinks Jack seems different since he's come back. She believes Jack may be working for the Others. She tells Kate that Jack was asking about her baby, and she is worried the Others want it. Kate insists Jack's not working with the Others. Sun is suspicious that Kate knows more. Reluctantly, Kate tells her that Juliet was the Others' fertility doctor and they wanted Claire's baby for research. Sun immediately goes to Juliet and demands answers. Juliet reveals women who get pregnant on the island die. Sun is horrified.

Flashback to Seoul, Korea, and Sun talking on her cell phone with Jin. They've just moved into their new apartment, and Sun strolls through a park holding shopping bags. After she tells Jin "I love you madly" and hangs up, an older woman asks if she's the woman in a wedding announcement in the paper. Sun says yes. The older woman asks how Sun hid the truth about Jin from her father. If it were known that the daughter of a Paik married the son of a fisherman and a prostitute, it would bring much shame on Sun's family. She demands $100,000 in three days. If Sun loves Jin as "madly" as she says, she'll spare him the shame of the truth being exposed.

One the island, the parachute woman wakes up and mumbles that she's dying. They find a tree branch impaled up through her chest. Charlie wants to simply pull the branch out of her chest, but Desmond says no, that might cause more damage. They argue about whether to take her to the camp or run and bring back Jack when KA POOF! Hurley fires a flare gun he found in the woman's pack. Suddenly Mikhail bursts out of the jungle. But the moment Mikhail sees the group, he bolts. Jin tackles him, and they drag him back.

At the beach camp, Juliet tells Sun there may be hope for her yet. Sun agrees to follow Juliet to the medical station where Juliet will try to ascertain the date of conception. Sun wants to know why Juliet is helping her. Juliet tells her she used to give women good news about their pregnancies and see the happiness on their faces. However, in the last three years she's lost nine women on the island. She wants to give good news again. Sun admits that she slept with another man before she got to the island and fears the baby is not Jin's but the other man's. Juliet's only comment is we all make mistakes.

Flashback to a small Korean fishing village. Sun approaches an elderly man and asks if he is Mr. Kwon. He instantly knows who she is and invites her into his modest house. He explains that Jin's mother was with many men. She left him with the baby, and he didn't even know if he was the father. He raised Jin as his own because who else would care for Jin? He implores Sun to never tell Jin his mother is still alive. He tells her Jin would never recover from the shame. Sun decides to go to her father and ask for the hundred thousand dollars. Mr. Paik wants to know why she needs it, but Sun refuses to tell him. For the past 27 years, she's pretended not to know what he does, and if he gives her the money she'll continue to pretend. Paik gives her the money, but his price is that Jin has to work off the debt. He'll work for Paik personally. Sun immediately knows the implications. It's a deal with the devil, but she takes it and seals Jin's fate.

On the island, the parachute woman mumbles again that she's dying. Mikhail offers his services as an ex army medic to save her but only in exchange for safe passage to leave. Desmond agrees, but Charlie, Jin and Hurley are very wary of the deal. Mikhail examines her, and says the branch has punctured her lung, which is filling with blood. She needs to be ventilated immediately. Using supplies from their first aid kit, Mikhail evacuates her lungs and rips the branch out of her chest. As he bandages her up, she mumbles something in another language. Desmond asks what she said. Mikhail takes a beat and says that she said thank you. Desmond doesn't quite buy it, and neither do Jin, Charlie and Hurley. As the parachute woman falls asleep, Mikhail says she'll be better in a day. They keep their agreement and allow Mikhail to leave but Jin realizes Mikhail has stolen the sat phone. He tackles Mikhail and takes it back. Desmond lets Mikhail go over Charlie's protests.

In the medical station, Juliet reveals a secret room behind the locker area. This is where they stored all the medical equipment from the station. Sun asks why the room was hidden, and Juliet admits they brought the women there to die. Worried, Sun tells Juliet Jin was infertile so the baby couldn't be his. Juliet performs an ultrasound and determines the D.O.C. was 53 days ago. Sun got pregnant on the island. Sun immediately knows what that means. Juliet promises to do whatever she can but Sun is smiling. The baby is Jin's.

Flashback to Sun and Jin's Seoul apartment. Jin returns home and finds the cash Mr. Paik gave her. Sun lies and says it was to buy new furniture and have a nice honeymoon. Jin wants her to return it. He says he'll take care of her no matter what. Sun nods, but leaves to meet the older woman. Sun gives her the money and warns her never to come near her family or Jin again or she'll have the older woman killed. The older woman understands and hurries off.

On the island, Sun asks Juliet how long she has. Juliet says most of the women made it to the middle of their second trimester. That gives Sun two months. Juliet goes back inside to double check the results and to cover their tracks. Inside, she opens one of the lockers and takes out a tape recorder. She clicks it on and then records a message to Ben: Kwon is pregnant and conceived on the island. She should have Kate's and the other women's samples soon. She clicks stop and then mutters, "I hate you."

Charlie and Jin build a makeshift stretcher. Charlie tells Desmond you can't trust the Others. They should've killed Mikhail. But Desmond points out that by his count they have killed more of the Others than the Others have killed of them. Charlie doesn't see it that way. Hurley tries the sat phone again, but it's still broken. Then the parachute woman wakes up. They explain they are the survivors of the Oceanic flight 815 crash. Naomi is confused and says it's not possible. Flight 815 was found and there were no survivors. They were all dead.

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