Season 3
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Season 3 | Episode 321 | Aired 05/15/2007

Jack and Juliet lead the beach camp into the jungle. Jack tells them that he knows what Ben's plan is and he has a way to fight back. Rousseau connects two wires to a battery and KA BOOM! A nearby tree explodes. Jack explains that Juliet is going to mark the tents with white rocks as instructed by Ben, but when the Others come there isn't going to be anyone inside the tents. They'll be filled with dynamite from the Black Rock, and they're going to blow the Others to hell. Charlie catches Desmond looking at him strangely and knows he just saw a flash but Desmond denies it.

As everyone prepares for the attack, Naomi asks Charlie who are the people they are going to war with. Charlie tells her it's a long story. He tells her that he's also from Manchester like she is and that he was in a band called Drive Shaft. The name rings a bell for Naomi and realizes Charlie is the dead rock star. She tells him that Drive Shaft put out a new album, a "Greatest Hits" thing, after the accident.

Sayid tells Jack he hasn't been able to transmit with the sat phone because Rousseau's distress signal is overriding the frequency. Since Naomi's boat is only eighty miles off shore, he wants to go to the radio tower and turn off the message. That will allow her boat to receive the sat phone signal. But Juliet says no, they won't Ben is using a Dharma station to jam all signals from the island with a station called the Looking Glass.

Desmond reveals to Charlie that he did have a vision. He saw Claire and Aaron getting into a helicopter that lifts off and leaves the island. Charlie is excited. But Desmond tells Charlie for there to be any rescue, Charlie has to die. Charlie asks how. Desmond describes a room full of equipment. There's a blinking yellow light, and Charlie flips a switch. The light goes out and then he drowns. Charlie wants to make sure if he does that, if he puts himself in danger, Claire and Aaron really do get on that helicopter and off the island. Desmond assures him they do.


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