Season 3
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Season 3 | Episode 321 | Aired 05/15/2007

Sayid shows Jack and Juliet a schematic of the Looking Glass station from the folder he took out of the Flame Station. Juliet says the Looking Glass station was used to guide the sub back and forth, but there was some accident and Ben said it was flooded. Sayid points out that if they follow the cable out into the ocean, it should lead to the station. It has a "moon pool" which he can swim through, get inside and disable the relay switch. Jack says no, it's a suicide mission. There's no way to get back. Sayid says if they don't, they'll never get off this island.

And then Charlie volunteers to do it. He'll swim down and turn off the switch. Jack says no. Charlie tells him he was the junior swim champion of Northern England. He can hold his breath for four minutes. Jack says there's no reason to do it now. They can deal with it after they take care of the Others.

Rousseau realizes they don't have enough wire to trigger the dynamite safely from a distance, and Jack gets a group together to start stripping wire from the plane wreckage. As they are stripping wire, they notice someone sailing towards the beach. A guy leaps out of the boat and runs ashore. Sayid tackles him, but Sawyer recognizes that it's Karl. He tells them he is okay Karl was prisoner in the cage next to him. Karl tells them the Others are coming not tomorrow night but right now!

People are worried. Rousseau says there's not enough time or wire to set up the dynamite. Sayid suggests they shoot the dynamite. They'll need three sharp shooters. Jack decides they also can't risk losing their chance to contact Naomi's boat. He orders everyone to leave the camp and make for the radio tower. He turns to Charlie and asks if he's still up for a swim. Charlie says yes, and Claire is suddenly worried for him. Jin and Bernard volunteer to be the shooters along with Sayid. Jack wants to be the third shooter, but Sayid tells him he can't he's got to lead the group to the radio tower.

Charlie says his good bye to Claire. She knows he is volunteering for something dangerous and doesn't want him doing it. Charlie lies and says everything is going to be all right. He'll be with her at the radio tower before she knows it. He kisses her one last time and walks away knowing he'll never see her again. As everyone in the beach camp gathers their things to head out, Claire lifts Aaron out of his crib and doesn't see Charlie's D.S. ring. He left it for her and Aaron, passing it along to his "family."

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