Season 3
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Season 3 | Episode 321 | Aired 05/15/2007

Desmond is touched by the list and offers to dive down in Charlie's place and flip the switch. Charlie pretends to go along with this change of plans but then knocks Desmond out with an oar. He says they both know Desmond isn't suppose to take his place. Charlie stuffs his greatest hits list in Desmond's pocket, grabs the weight belt, takes a deep breath, wipes away his tears and jumps into the ocean.

With the weight belt, Charlie drops quickly. He swims along the underside of the station looking for the moon pool entrance. He finds it, swims up into it and surfaces into the station. He sucks in air and then realizes it isn't flooded. Juliet was wrong. And more importantly, Charlie is alive! But then he hears a door open and sees two women enter. And they have guns pointed right at him.


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