Season 3
Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass
Season 3 | Episode 322 | Aired 05/22/2007
Jack is on an Oceanic flight, and he looks in bad shape. He's drunk and impatient with the flight attendant. Jack notices a newspaper article that upsets him, and he carefully rips out the article. Back in Los Angeles, Jack drives to a bridge and parks to make a phone call. He gets the person's automated voicemail and tries to leave a message but can't. Then he gets out of his car and steps up on top of the railing to jump. Jack says "Forgive me " and begins to lean forward when behind him there's a horrific crash and collision of cars. Suddenly one of the cars is on fire and Jack can hear a woman cry out for help. Jack jumps down from the edge and runs towards the cars to help.

WHOOSH to the island where Jack is ready to lead the beach camp to the radio tower. He knows the Others will be there soon. Jack checks in with Sayid, makes sure he has everything he needs. Sayid tells Jack to keep moving and not to turn back for any reason. Sayid's willing to give his life if it means securing rescue but not if it means nothing. Jack leads the group out. Sayid, Jin and Bernard remain behind, take their positions, and wait.

In the Looking Glass station, Charlie is tied to a chair and Bonnie beats him as they interrogate him. Greta asks, Who is he? Is he alone? How'd he get down there? Charlie only tells them that Juliet told them, that she's one of them now. Greta tells Bonnie they have to call Ben. They go into the communications room, and Charlie sees a blinking yellow light. He smiles it's the light he has to turn off.

Bonnie radios Ben on the walkie. He immediately asks why she's breaking radio silence, and she tells him Charlie swam down and they have him tied up. It was Juliet who told his group about the station. Ben can't believe this. He tells her he's sending help. He clicks off and orders Mikhail to go to the Looking Glass station. Mikhail is surprised Ben had told them it was flooded and inoperable. Ben says he lied. Mikhail asks if Juliet told them about the station, what else did she tell them about?

Ben immediately tries to get Pryce on the walkie, but Pryce and his team have reached the camp and turned their walkies off. Everything in the camp looks normal. Diane returns and tells Pryce that Juliet marked the tents like she said she would. Diane, Matthew and Luke creep up to the first tent. Friendly, Ivan and Grimes approach the second tent. Sayid and Bernard take aim, but Jin can't the third team isn't close to the tent he is covering. Diane looks inside a tent and warns them that it's empty. Sayid shoots KA BOOM! The tent, Diane, Matthew and Luke explode in a huge fireball.

Pryce recoils, shocked. He shouts to the others NO! Friendly stops, and tells everyone to get away from the tent. But then Bernard fires and KA BOOM! Ivan and Grimes are ripped to pieces while Friendly is blown back. Jin shoots but he hits the sand. Pryce warns the Others that they're in the tree line. Jin shoots an Other in the chest. Then Pryce slams Jin in the back of the head with the butt of his rifle, and Jin drops. Pryce grabs Jin and uses him as a shield. Sayid aims for Pryce, but Jason comes up from behind with a gun to his head and captures him. Bernard takes off into the jungle, but then Friendly is suddenly there and BAM! Levels Bernard with a blow. Friendly calls out that he has the other one.

Jack and the rest of the group are in a high vista and look down on the beach camp. Rose points out that there were only two explosions. Kate says it didn't work. Rose and Sun are frightened. Jack assures them that everything is fine. Sun wants to wait for Sayid, Jin and Bernard to join them, but Jack says no. They have to keep moving.

WHOOSH to Jack at St. Sebastian hospital. A nurse stitches a cut on his forehead when Sarah walks in she's still listed as his emergency contact. She asks him if he's drinking again, but Jack becomes belligerent and won't answer. Jack asks for a ride home, but she says no. She says she's glad he's okay and leaves.

WHOOSH to the Looking Glass station. Charlie seems unconcerned about his situation. He tells Bonnie and Greta that he's there to turn off the jamming signal. They are surprised at his confidence. Bonnie asks him what the code is. Code? Charlie doesn't know anything about a code, but he is still confident. He'll turn it off after the station is flooded. Bonnie asks what happens to him if the station floods, and Charlie says he dies, and it's clear he has accepted his fate.

Friendly radios Ben and tells him seven of their team died. Ben tells him Juliet betrayed them. Pryce asks Sayid where the other survivors went, but Sayid won't answer. Ben tells them to shoot Jin and then they'll talk. Pryce is about to do it but Bernard caves and tells them the others went to the radio tower. It was Karl who warned them they were coming early. Ben tells Alpert that he and Alex will go to the radio tower and that Alpert should continue with the Others to the Temple.

Out on the ocean in the outrigger, Desmond comes to as bullets riddle the boat. What? In the distance he sees Mikhail shooting at him! Realizing he's a sitting duck, Desmond dives into the ocean and swims down to the Looking Glass station. He burst up through the moon pool, gasping for air and surprised to see Charlie tied to a chair. Charlie quickly warns him to hide, and Desmond jumps into a locker as Bonnie and Greta come back to investigate the noise.

WHOOSH to Jack at the hospital checking on the woman from the bridge accident. Dr. Hamill walks in and introduces himself as the new Chief of Surgery. He calls Jack a hero twice over and says Jack was in the right place at the right time. Jack says he wants to operate on the woman first thing in the morning, but Dr. Hamill reminds Jack the woman isn't his patient. Besides, Jack has done enough. He pulled the woman's little boy out of the flaming wreckage and then went back for her. Hamill tells Jack to go home.

WHOOSH to the island as the beach camp group continues trekking. Sawyer suddenly announces he's going back. Jack says no, but Sawyer tells him he ain't asking permission. Kate says she'll go with him, but Sawyer says no, he doesn't want to go with her. Kate is hurt. Juliet says she knows where there is a hidden cache with guns. She and Sawyer can go back that way and get the guns. Jack reluctantly lets them go. Juliet then leans over and kisses Jack. Kate watches.

In the Looking Glass station, Mikhail suddenly shoots up out of the moon pool. Mikhail sees Charlie and asks where the other one is. Bonnie and Great have no idea what he's talking about. Charlie asks why Ben lied to his own people about the station being flooded and why they're jamming all transmissions off the island. Mikhail reacts. He asks if that's true. Ben calls Mikhail and says everything he did was for the island. Jacob told him to do all this. Ben tells Mikhail to trust him. The jamming signal must continue functioning at all costs. Then he orders Mikhail to kill Charlie, Bonnie and Greta.

On the way back to the beach, Juliet confesses to Sawyer that there are no guns. She lied because it was the only way that Jack would let them come back. Hurley runs up and asks if he can go with them and help. Sawyer says no, he'd just get in the way and get them killed. Hurley is heartbroken.

Cut to Locke in the mass grave struggling to reach something he's still alive! However, he can't seem to move his legs. With a huge effort, he grabs a gun from one of the skeleton's holster and brings it up to his temple. "John. Don't." Locke looks up, and standing at the edge of the ditch is Walt! Walt orders Locke to get out of the ditch because he has work to do.

WHOOSH to Jack as he drives up to a funeral parlor. He calls the mystery person again and gets their automated voicemail. Frustrated, he hangs up and goes inside. It's empty. The funeral director tells Jack no one showed up, only him. Jack seems disappointed. He digs into his pocket and pulls out a prescription bottle. There's only one pill left. He swallows it and leaves, driving to a drug store. However, the pharmacist won't fill his prescription. Jack gives her another prescription, but she says he can't write a prescription or himself. Jack says it's from his father. A customer recognizes Jack as the hero on the TV. He tells the pharmacist to give Jack whatever he needs. The pharmacist says she's going to have to call Jack's father's office to confirm it, and Jack gets nervous. He says his father's out of town. The pharmacist picks up the phone, and Jack shouts for her not to bother. Angry, he blows out of the store.

In the Looking Glass station, Mikhail asks if they can turn the jamming equipment off. Greta says sure, Ben gave them the code. She and Bonnie are the only ones who have it. Mikhail asks what if the station were flooded. Greta says the casing is waterproof. It'll keep working forever. Well then. BAM! Mikhail shoots Greta and Bonnie! Bonnie doesn't die immediately, and Mikhail tells her he's just following orders. But then Desmond flies out of the locker he was hiding in and shoots Mikhail in the chest with a speargun. Charlie tells Desmond not to kill Bonnie because they need her for the code. Charlie reasons with her, pointing out that Ben obviously told Mikhail to shoot her. She now has an opportunity to make Ben very angry. Bonnie says the code is "Good Vibrations." The numbers correspond to the notes because the code was programmed by a musician.

As the group continues trekking, Jack tells Kate that Sawyer didn't mean what he said. He was only trying to protect her. Kate asks why Jack is defending Sawyer, and Jack simply tells her because he loves her. Kate is stunned. Then the group suddenly stops because standing in front of them are Ben and Alex. Ben tells Jack they need to talk. Jack doesn't move. Ben tells Jack that since he just killed seven of Ben's people, the least Jack could do is talk to him for five minutes. Jack reluctantly agrees.

Ben warns Jack that history is about to repeat itself. If Jack goes through with his plan to contact Naomi's boat, every person on the island will be killed. Naomi isn't who she says she is. She's a representative of the people trying to find the island. She's one of the bad guys. Ben offers Jack a deal: if Jack gives him Naomi's sat phone, Ben will go back to his people and let Jack go back to his. Jack says he's not going anywhere. Ben tells Jack they have Jin, Bernard and Sayid at gunpoint. He keys Friendly on the walkie and tells him that if he doesn't hear his voice in one minute to shoot them all. Ben asks for Naomi's sat phone again. Jack refuses. Ben asks Jack why he wants to leave the island what does Jack so desperately wants to get back to? His father is dead and his wife left him. Can Jack not wait to get back to the hospital to work? Back to fixing things? Jack won't budge. Time runs out and BLAM! BLAM! Jack hears Bernard shout, "Don't!" BLAM! Then silence. Jack attacks Ben. He punches Ben, beating him bloody. Jack grabs the walkie and tells Friendly he's going to get his people rescued, then he's coming to find him and he's going to kill him.

Jack drags Ben back to the group and orders him to be tied up. Ben sees that Rousseau can't take her eyes off Alex and introduces them. He tells Alex that Rousseau is her mother. Alex is shocked. Rousseau touches Alex's face, and then asks her to help tie Ben up.

Jack confides to Kate that Jin, Bernard and Sayid were killed and that he let it happen. He had to. But they can't tell Sun or Rose. Not yet. They have to keep moving. He promised Sayid they'd keep moving. And he brought Ben back because he wants Ben to experience the moment when they get off the island. Jack wants Ben to see it so he'll know he failed And then Jack will kill Ben.

WHOOSH to Jack at the hospital. He's drunk, goes behind an empty nurse's station and unlocks the pill cabinet, stuffing his pockets with sample packets. He leaves and runs into Dr. Hamill. Jack says he's there to follow up on the woman's operation. Dr. Hamill says he left three messages for Jack. Didn't he get them? He asks to talk to Jack privately, but Jack tells him to say whatever he has to say right there. Dr. Hamill tells Jack that the woman woke up in recovery and told him the story of seeing Jack on the bridge about to jump. He distracted her, and that's what caused the accident. Jack rages at the doctor, asking if Hamill has any idea what he's been through. Hamill asks Jack how much he's had to drink, and Jack explodes, telling him to call his father. Hamill feels sorry for Jack. Jack yells at Hamill not to pity him and leaves.

On the island, Sawyer and Juliet plot their attack on Friendly and Pryce and see Sayid, Jin and Bernard who are very much alive. Sawyer hears what sounds like a car coming up behind them fast and Hurley bursts through the jungle driving the van! Friendly, Pryce and Jason dive out of the way, shooting at the van. Hurley keeps driving and plows straight into Pryce. Jason runs up firing, but Sayid, still tied up, swings his legs out, tripping Jason, grabs him by the neck with his feet, twists and SNAP! Breaks Jason's neck. Bernard and Sawyer look at him, amazed. Juliet runs out and grabs Friendly's gun before he can reach it. Friendly gives up, but Sawyer raises his gun and BLAM! shoots Friendly in the chest! Sawyer says that's for taking the kid off the raft. Hurley points out that Friendly had surrendered. Sawyer says he didn't believe him.

Hurley takes Friendly's walkie and uses it to warn the Others they got the bastards, and unless the rest of them wanna be blown up, stay away from their beach. Having Ben's walkie, Jack hears Hurley's voice and calls back. Hurley tells him he's there with Sawyer and Juliet. Everyone's fine, including Sayid, Jin and Bernard. That stops Jack. What? Yeah, Hurley says. He saved them all. Kate overhears this, too. Jack tells Hurley to stay at the beach. Claire asks about Charlie, and Hurley reports that Charlie hasn't made it back yet.

In the Looking Glass station, Charlie goes into the communication room and enters the "Good Vibrations" code into the panel. The yellow light stops flashing and the hum of the equipment whines down. A slow grin spreads on Charlie's face. He didn't die he beat Desmond's prediction. Then a light beeps, signifying an incoming transmission. On a monitor in front of him a fuzzy video fades in. Someone is asking if anyone is there. Charlie can't believe it he's actually talking to someone in the outside world. He quickly tells the person he is one of the survivors of flight 815. They're alive and they're on an island but he doesn't know their location. The video reception improves and Charlie recognizes that it's Penelope Widmore Desmond's Penny. Excited, Charlie shouts for Desmond to get in there. Penny hears Desmond's name and asks if he's all right. Charlie says yeah, then asks if she's on the boat. Penny doesn't know what he's talking about. Penny's not on any boat.

And then Charlie sees Mikhail outside through a window holding a grenade. Mikhail pulls the pin. Realizing the station will flood and kill both he and Desmond, Charlie slams the pressurized door to the communications room shut and KA THWOOM! The grenade explodes and water floods the room. Desmond grabs a fire extinguisher and tries to smash through the window in the door, but it's too thick. Desmond watches as the water rises. Charlie quickly writes a message on his hand "not Penny's boat" and holds it up for Desmond to read. The room fills with water, and Charlie dies.

In the jungle, the group reaches the radio tower. Naomi notices the light on her sat phone has changed from red to green, and tells Jack Charlie just got them rescued. Jack and Rousseau go inside the radio tower, and Rousseau shuts off her distress signal. Naomi takes the sat phone outside and starts to get a signal. Nervous anticipation runs through the survivors. Ben says he knows Jack thinks he's saving his people but he has to stop. It's a mistake. Naomi gets a signal and THUNK! She freezes, gasps and falls over. There's a knife sticking out of her back!

Everyone looks over and sees Locke emerge from the jungle. The phone rings. Locke warns him not to answer it and threatens to shoot him. Jack tells Locke that he is done keeping him on the island. It rings again. Jack tells Locke he's going to have to kill him to stop him. But Locke can't do it he can't shoot Jack. Locke lowers the gun and tells Jack he's not supposed to do this.

And then someone is on the other end. Jack tells the guy his name, that they have Naomi with them, and that he's one of the survivors of Oceanic flight 815. He asks if they can get a fix on his location. The guy says yeah. Sit tight, they'll be right there. Someone has found them. The giddiness starts to spread through the group. They are overwhelmed at the thought of rescue.

WHOOSH to Jack sitting in his house. The room is messy with open atlases, sleeves of used Oceanic tickets and trash. Jack is drunk and seems to have hit rock bottom. He dials the same number on his cell phone again, expecting to get voicemail, but then someone answers. Jack asks the person not to hang up, to please meet him. The person agrees, and Jack leaves.

Out by the airport, Jack waits. Another car pulls up behind him. The door opens, and into the light steps Kate. She says she saw Jack on the news pulling people out of burning wreckage. Jack shrugs, old habits. And suddenly it hits us, this is who Jack has been calling this whole time. But these haven't been flashbacks these are flash forwards.

Kate wants to know why he called her. Jack hands her the newspaper clipping and says he was hoping she heard and would go to the funeral. Kate angrily asks why she'd go to the funeral. Jack tells her he's been flying a lot. He uses the golden ticket Oceanic gave them and flies out every Friday night from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Or Singapore. Or Sydney. Always hoping to crash. He says he doesn't care about the other passengers. With every bump or moment of turbulence, he just closes his eyes and prays that he can go back. He says they made a mistake. They weren't supposed to leave. Kate shakes her head. Yes, they were. She tells him she's got to go he'll wonder where she is. She says good bye and leaves. And as she backs away, Jack shouts that they have to go back. They have to go back!

BOOM. Smash to black. See you next season.

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