Season 4
The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the End
Season 4 | Episode 401 | Aired 01/30/2008

BAM! A pile of mangoes is suddenly smashed to bits as a Camaro blasts through them. Many police squad cars follow, and it's a freeway chase through Los Angeles. The car slams into a dead end, and the cops close in on the driver. Out of the car steps… Hurley? But this isn't the chill "Hey, dude!" Hurley we know and love. He's sweating, nervous and wild-eyed. And as the cops cuff Hurley, he shouts, "Don't you know who I am? I'm one of the Oceanic Six!"

WHOOSH to the island where we drop back in right where we left off: Naomi has a knife hilt sticking out of her back, Ben is tied to a tree, bruised and beaten, and Jack has called the freighter. His walkie squawks – it's Hurley from the beach. Jack tells him the freighter people are on their way, and he hears whoops of celebration over the walkie. Jack says the group is heading back to the beach.

Kate returns and tells Jack that Locke has disappeared. She can't find any sign of him. Jack tells her if he comes back, Jack would kill him. Kate realizes Jack means it. Before the group leaves, Ben asks Rousseau for a favor. They don't have much time – he wants her to take Alex and get as far away from there as possible because they're all going to die.

On the beach, Jin and Sayid finish collecting guns from the dead Others who attacked them when Desmond returns… without Charlie. Desmond tells everyone they have to warn Jack that Naomi lied, that the freighter people aren't who they said they are. Hurley asks where's Charlie. Desmond's face drops, and he says he's sorry. Everyone reacts, saddened by the news, but Hurley is shocked. It crushes him.


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