Season 4
The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the End
Season 4 | Episode 401 | Aired 01/30/2008
WHOOSH to an interrogation room where Hurley is questioned by a detective. The detective plays security video of Hurley in a convenience store. We see Hurley react to someone, run out, then tear out of the parking lot, which leads to the high-speed freeway chase. The detective wants to know whom Hurley saw that made him run like that. Hurley denies seeing anyone.

The detective tries another tactic. He tells Hurley he knew someone on Oceanic flight 815. It was his old partner, Ana Lucia Cortez. Hurley becomes very uncomfortable and says sorry, he never met her. Of course we know Hurley did know Ana Lucia, so why is he lying? The detective leaves the room, and in the two-way mirror Hurley sees an aquarium… and someone floating in it. It's Charlie! Hurley freaks out, terrified, and screams for help. The detective bursts back in and asks if Hurley's trying to get tossed in the nut house. Relief washes over Hurley, and he thanks the detective.

WHOOSH back to the beach, where a debate about warning Jack takes place. Sawyer is about to use his walkie when Sayid tells them that the freighter people are probably monitoring their communications. Hurley yanks the walkie out of Sawyer's hand and throws it into the ocean. He tells them they better get going. You don't wait with warnings, you… warn.

As Jack's group is about to leave the radio tower, Minkowski from the freighter radios in and asks to talk to Naomi. That's when Jack notices she is gone. Kate takes off to look for her. Jack lies to Minkowski and tells him Naomi went to look for firewood. Rousseau finds Naomi's trail, and Jack leaves to track her. But Kate finds a second trail and suggests following both. Jack says no and asks her to lead everyone back down to the beach. Kate hugs Jack, intimately, and tells him to be careful.


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