Season 4
The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the End
Season 4 | Episode 401 | Aired 01/30/2008
WHOOSH to the Santa Rosa gym where Hurley plays basketball, and this time he's visited by Jack. Jack saw Hurley on the news and stopped by to see if he's okay. Hurley asks if Jack has talked to anyone claiming to be from Oceanic. Jack is confused, but Hurley moves on. He knows Jack is really there to see if he went nuts and was going to tell. Jack asks point blank – is he? The real question is tell what, but that is for another episode. Hurley apologizes for going with Locke and says he should've stayed with Jack. Then he says they didn't do the right thing. It wants them to go back, but Jack is insistent – they are never going back.

WHOOSH to the island as Jack and Kate start back to the beach camp when they hear a helicopter overhead. A spotlight shines down on them, and they can see it. But the chopper is in trouble. It struggles to stay in the air – but then someone jumps out! Jack and Kate take off running and find the jumper on the ground unbuckling his chute. He sees them and smiles. "Are you Jack?"

Welcome to season four.


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