Season 4
Confirmed Dead
Confirmed Dead
Season 4 | Episode 402 | Aired 02/06/2008

"Oh my God… It's Oceanic 815."

The haunting footage of the wreckage of flight 815 on the bottom of the ocean plays over a news report. Physicist Daniel Faraday of Essex, Massachusetts, finds himself unexpectedly moved by it – and we meet the first of the freighter people.

In Inglewood, California, we find the second freighter person: Miles Straume. He listens to the 815 news report as he prepares for a job. Inside a woman's house, he goes upstairs to her murdered grandson's room and… talks to the emptiness. Then he seems to listen to something. Miles suddenly turns toward a bookshelf, and hidden behind it in an air vent he discovers a large roll of cash and some drugs. He says out loud, "You can go now." Downstairs, he tells the grandmother that her grandson is now at peace.

In Medenine, Tunisia, we meet our third freighter person: Charlotte Lewis. A French Tunisian newspaper reports on the discovery of flight 815, and Charlotte doesn't believe the report. She forces her way onto a dig in the desert – the discovery of a polar bear skeleton. And strangely, on the collar is the Hydra symbol of the Dharma Initiative.

Finally, in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, Frank Lapidus watches the flight 815 news report from his island tours office. The undersea footage shows the bodies of the passengers and the pilot. However, Frank realizes that it isn't the real pilot of plane. He knows because the pilot, Captain Seth Norris, was married and always wore his wedding ring – and the body they're showing isn't wearing a ring. Lapidus calls the NTSB hotline and tells them the information. They're hesitant to believe him, but Lapidus tells them he knows because he was the one supposed to be flying Oceanic 815 that day.


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