Season 4
The Economist
The Economist
Season 4 | Episode 403 | Aired 02/13/2008

At the helicopter clearing, Sayid crosses to Naomi's body and closes her eyes. Before he covers her with a blanket, he notices a silver bracelet on Naomi's wrist that reads, "N, I'll always be with you. R.G." Sayid makes a deal with Miles and Lapidus: he will bring Charlotte back safely from where Locke is holding her if Lapidus will fly him to their boat. They agree. Sayid confers with Jack, Kate and Juliet. He shows them the picture of Desmond and Penny that Naomi brought with her. He thinks Desmond might be able to shed some light on the freighter people's agenda. Juliet heads back to the beach for Desmond. Jack wants to go with Sayid to get Charlotte, but Sayid says no. Jack isn't the right man for the mission. Instead, Sayid takes Miles. Jack doesn't trust Locke and asks Kate to go with them just in case. He knows Sawyer will stop Locke from harming Kate.

WHOOSH to a golf course in the Seychelles with Sayid. An Italian man waits to play through and asks Sayid what he does. Sayid tells him he is one of the Oceanic Six, and suddenly the man gets nervous. It obviously means something to him but what? Then Sayid calls him by his name. How does Sayid know? The man realizes their meeting was no accident. Then BANG! Sayid pulls out a gun and shoots him. Sayid is a cold-blooded killer in the future and without one ounce of regret. He throws the gun down and walks off.

Cut to Berlin, where Sayid finds a seat in a crowded café and consults a map, looking every bit the lost tourist. A woman named Elsa takes pity and offers to help. Sayid tells Elsa he's in the city for business. He's a corporate recruiter. Elsa works as an executive aide to a wealthy economist. She has a pager, and any time it beeps she goes to her boss' side instantly. He only comes into Berlin once or twice a year, so she has a lot of free time. Elsa thinks she knows Sayid from somewhere. Attracted and charmed by her, Sayid offers to tell her if she'll go to dinner with him. Elsa agrees. Sayid leaves, and outside the café he speaks to someone on a cell phone. He says he made contact, and throws the phone away. So it's wasn't a cute chance meeting – Elsa could be Sayid's next target.


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