Season 4
The Economist
The Economist
Season 4 | Episode 403 | Aired 02/13/2008
WHOOSH back to Locke's group. They arrive at the clearing where Locke thinks the cabin is located, but it's not there. He's stumped. Sawyer asks why the cabin is so important anyway. Ben uses the situation to undermine Locke's leadership and says Locke was looking for someone to tell him what to do next. Locke isn't angry but vulnerable. Frustrated. Then Sawyer and Hurley question bringing Charlotte along, and Locke lays down the law. Charlotte's their hostage because she's going to be valuable to them. He's making the decisions now, and Locke asks if they have a problem with that. Stunned by this, no one says anything. They continue on to the barracks.

[quote-right]Sayid, Kate and Miles reach the barracks, but it's empty. Then they hear banging coming from one of the houses. They search inside and find Hurley bound and gagged in a closet. He says they left him, that Locke has "gone off the reservation." Locke's holding Charlotte hostage, he said Walt told him to kill Naomi, and he thinks the freighter people are there to kill them. [quote-left]He turns to Miles and asks, "Are you?" Miles ignores the question. Hurley says he overheard them say they were going to Ben's house before they left.

At the chopper, Faraday calls Regina and has her launch a rocket. He wants to do a scientific experiment. Regina locks on his signal, fires the payload and counts down as it approaches. But Faraday is surprised – it's nowhere to be seen. Later, as they wait for Sayid to return, they hear the loud whistling of the rocket finally arriving. Once it slams into the ground, Faraday quickly opens it. He compares a clock in the rocket with his watch. Not happy with what he sees, he double-checks it against a clock on his instruments. It reads 14:45, but the clock from the rocket reads 15:16. It's a 31 minute difference. Faraday says that isn't good.

At the barracks, Sayid, Kate and Miles enter Ben's house and split up to search it. Sayid finds a hidden room behind a bookcase. Inside he finds clothes, suits, a drawer full of cash in different types of foreign currency, and stacks of passports from multiple countries. Sayid flips open one passport. [quote-right]It's Ben's photo but with the name Dean Moriarty. Meanwhile, as Kate searches Ben's bedroom, Sawyer quietly walks in. He holds a finger up to his lips, but Kate shouts out a warning to Sayid. But before Sayid can react, Locke is there with a gun pointed at him. The whole thing had been one big set up. Sayid turns to Hurley, who simply says, "Sorry, dude."


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