Season 4
The Economist
The Economist
Season 4 | Episode 403 | Aired 02/13/2008
WHOOSH back to the chopper. Juliet has returned with Desmond, and he demands to know why Naomi had a picture of him. Lapidus says Naomi was senior management. She kept to herself. Frustrated, Desmond doesn't believe they've never seen or heard of Penelope Widmore. Lapidus and Faraday react to her name. Desmond says he'll get the truth from someone. When the chopper takes off, he's going on it.

Sayid returns with Charlotte... but not with Miles. Or Kate. Jack notices immediately. Sayid tells him she decided to stay, and the implications of that hit Jack. Lapidus asks about Miles, and Sawyer says he traded him for Charlotte. Faraday and Charlotte elect to stay on the island to do their experiments. Faraday warns Lapidus, no matter what, to follow the same bearing they used coming in. They load Naomi's body into the chopper, and Lapidus, Sayid and Desmond leave the island and fly out over the water.

WHOOSH to a veterinary hospital where Sayid enters an exam room. Another man there starts to take care of Sayid's wound. Sayid tells him Elsa is dead and that she was trying to get info about him. The camera pans around to reveal Benjamin Linus, off the island and alive. Ben extracts the bullet from Sayid's shoulder. He notices Sayid's tears. Ben says that these people don't deserve their sympathies, and he reminds Sayid what happened the last time he thought with his heart instead of his gun. Sayid says Ben used that to recruit him. Ben asks if he wants to protect his friends or not? Ben has another name from the list for Sayid, but Sayid warns him that the people on his list will know they're after them now. Ben holds Sayid's look and says, "Good."


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