Season 4
Season 4 | Episode 404 | Aired 02/20/2008

Locke fixes breakfast and takes it to Ben, whom he now has locked in the basement. Ben asks why he was moved out of the rec room. Locke says he wanted Ben under his own roof. Locke asks again who Ben's spy is on the ship. Ben points out that hitting dead ends, unable to contact Jacob and not knowing what to do next, Locke is more lost than he ever was.

Kate is staying with Claire, but Sawyer offers his house (once he gets Hurley to move out). Kate says she's not moving in with him, and Sawyer wants to know why she even stayed. She won't tell Sawyer because she doesn't trust him. Sawyer asks if it's because of the pregnancy thing, which makes Kate mad. She tells him to go home.

WHOOSH to Kate being led into the LA criminal courthouse surrounded by reporters and photographers. It's the start of Kate's trial, and the charges are read to the court: fraud, arson, assault on a federal officer, assault with a deadly weapon, grand larceny, grand theft auto and murder in the first degree. Kate pleads not guilty, even though we've seen her do every one of those things. Then something unexpected happens: Kate is denied bail and taken into custody. Snap, snap. Kate is back in cuffs.

WHOOSH to the beach camp where Jin practices his English with Sun by naming the American cities they can live in after they're rescued. Sun tells Jin she wants to go back to Korea to raise her baby. Jin reminds her it's their baby. Jack and Juliet return with Faraday and Charlotte. Jack explains that Sayid and Desmond left on the helicopter and flew to the freighter to bring help. Sun asks about Kate, and is concerned to learn that she stayed with Locke's group.


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