Season 4
Season 4 | Episode 404 | Aired 02/20/2008
At the barracks, Kate wants to know where Locke is keeping Miles. She wants to talk to him, but Locke tells her no. He's not running a democracy. Kate says that makes it a dictatorship, but Locke points out that if he were a dictator, he'd just shoot her and get on with his day. Not to be stopped, Kate intercepts Hurley taking food to Miles and tricks the location out of him: Miles is in the boat house. Kate goes there and asks Miles if he knows who she is and what she did. Miles makes a deal with her: he'll answer her questions only if she brings him Ben.

WHOOSH to the Los Angeles county jail. Kate and her lawyer, Duncan Forrester, go over strategy. Forrester says the only way to win the case is to make it about character, not about what she did. He wants to bring him in. Kate refuses. She won't allow him to use her son.

Cut to mid-trial when Forrester unexpectedly calls Jack to the stand. Kate is taken aback. The Judge reminds the jury that Jack is only a character witness who did not meet Kate until after her alleged crimes. Forrester begins to ask Jack questions, and we finally get our first window into the story of the Oceanic Six. Jack says they were both passengers on Oceanic flight 815 which crash-landed on an island in the South Pacific. He learned from Kate that she was being transported by a U. S. Marshal who died during the crash. Only eight survived the crash. They landed in the water, and he was hurt pretty badly. If it wasn't for Kate, he wouldn't have made it to shore. Kate got the survivors first aid, water, food and shelter. She tried to save the other two but

Suddenly Kate shouts for him to stop. She doesn't want him to say anything else. Forrester complies and ends the questioning. The D.A. asks Jack only one question does he love Kate. Jack wasn't expecting that question. He takes a moment and then says no, not anymore.


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