Season 4
Season 4 | Episode 404 | Aired 02/20/2008
WHOOSH to Kate leaving the courthouse, and she finds Jack is waiting by the taxi. Kate thanks him for saying what he did. Though he's told that story so many times she almost thinks he believes it. Jack says he wanted to let her know he didn't mean what he said and asks if she wants to get a coffee. There's a flicker of hope in Kate's eyes, and she invites Jack over to see the baby. Jack says no, he can't. Kate says she knows why he doesn't want to see the baby. And until he does, there's no him and her getting coffee.

Kate leaves and goes home. A nanny tells her he missed her so much. Kate asks if she kept him away from the TV, and the nanny says yes. She just put him down for a nap. Kate goes upstairs and gently wakes him. He's thrilled to see her and gives her a big hug. Kate hugs him back and says, "Hi, Aaron."


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