Season 4
The Constant
The Constant
Season 4 | Episode 405 | Aired 02/27/2008

We pick up with Desmond and Sayid in the chopper heading out to the freighter. Desmond holds the photo of him and Penny. Sayid asks what he expects when he gets to the freighter? Desmond says answers. Sayid notices a handwritten "cheat sheet" on the controls and asks Lapidus if he knows where the freighter is. Lapidus doesn't appreciate the question and says he knows where it is. It gets dark as they fly directly into a storm, and the turbulence increases. Suddenly, they hear a loud noise and see a quick blast of violet light, and BZAAM.

Desmond is back in basic training at his military base with a sergeant yelling at him to get on his feet. Desmond's disoriented, doesn't know what's going on. The sergeant orders everyone in the yard double time. As they're doing sit ups, Desmond tries to explain to his friend how vivid the dream was, like he was there. But he's caught by the sergeant, and in the middle of the sergeant yelling at him – BZAAM.

Desmond is back on the chopper, but Desmond is panicked and confused. He tries to undo his harness. He's afraid and confused. Sayid asks him what he's doing, but Desmond says, "Who are you? How do you know my name?"

At the beach camp, Jack asks Charlotte if the chopper took off a day ago, why haven't they heard from them? Charlotte doesn't know but doesn't seem worried about it. [quote-left]Faraday tells Jack and Juliet that their perception of how long they've been gone is not necessarily how long they've actually been gone. As long as Lapidus flew on the bearing Faraday gave him and stayed on it, then everything should be okay. If he didn't, there might be side effects.

The chopper lands on the ship. Desmond freaks out, says he doesn't know anyone. Two big, tough looking guys, Omar and Keamy, come out and ask Lapidus why he came back with two crash survivors. Lapidus tells them Desmond was okay coming out but they hit some weather... Keamy cuts him off and says they'll take him to sick bay and let the doctor check him out. Desmond says he doesn't know those guys, that he's not supposed to be – BZAAM.

Desmond is back at the military base with his sergeant yelling at him, exactly where he left off. Desmond is shocked and speechless. The sergeant orders everyone to run, and Desmond gets dirty looks from the squad. Later, as they load a truck in the rain, he tries to explain it to his friend. Desmond says he left. He was on a boat with an Arab who seemed to know him, and then he realizes he also had a photo of Penny. He races off to a pay phone when – BZAAM.


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