Season 4
The Constant
The Constant
Season 4 | Episode 405 | Aired 02/27/2008
Desmond is back on the freighter being led to the sick bay. Keamy and Omar introduce themselves and say they last ported in Fiji so they know they're still in the Pacific. They lock him in sick bay, and someone behind him shouts out. Desmond turns around to find a man strapped down to one of the beds. The man asks if it's happening to him, too. But then the man goes catatonic. Desmond yells at him trying to bring him around. Then, almost like someone flipped a switch, the guy is back. He says he was just on a Ferris wheel.

On the freighter deck, Sayid talks to Lapidus and asks what's happening to Desmond. If they took off at dusk, how did they land on the ship during the day? Lapidus doesn't have any answers. Sayid asks to use the phone to call Jack. Lapidus warns him the phones only call each other, so don't bother trying to reach Baghdad. Sayid calls Jack, and tells him something happened to Desmond during the flight. Faraday tells them they don't know why but coming to and from the island causes people to become a little confused if they don't do it just right. He asks if Desmond has been recently exposed to high levels of radiation or electromagnetism. Jack and Juliet exchange a look. They know he definitely has. Juliet asks if it's amnesia, but Faraday says no, it's not.

Down in sick bay, the doctor enters. The man strapped down says it's happening to Desmond, too. It's gonna happen to all of them once they start heading to the island again. Ray, the doctor, gives the man a sedative and the man goes to sleep. Ray pulls out a penlight and checks Desmond's eyes. Ray asks what was the last thing he remem—BZAAM.

Desmond is back at the military base at the pay phone, a minute after he was last there. He calls Penny and tells her he's confused. He needs to see her. She asks why she would still care about him after he broke up with her? Penny tells him not to bother her and not to come to her flat because she's moved. Desmond asks where, he needs – BZAAM.


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