Season 4
The Constant
The Constant
Season 4 | Episode 405 | Aired 02/27/2008
Desmond is back on the freighter. Minkowski understands. It's getting harder to come back and it starts happening faster. As they make their way up to the radio room, Minkowski explains that he and Brandon decided to take the ship's tender out to see the island. Brandon started acting crazy so they had to turn around. Desmond asks where's Brandon now. Minkowski says in a body bag.

They reach the radio room, and Sayid starts fixing the phone. Suddenly, Minkowski falls limp on the table. Sayid says after Desmond makes the call, someone needs to tell him precisely what is going on. Desmond sees a calendar and realizes it 2004. Minkowski's body begins to twitch, and he cries out he can't get back. Then he goes slack. He's dead, and Desmond knows the same thing is going to happen to him, too. BZAAM.

In 1996 London, Desmond races to Penny's new address and knocks. When she sees it's him, she wants nothing to do with him. Desmond asks for her new number. He says he made a huge mistake and that he never should have broken up with her. [quote-right]Penny tells him his apologies don't matter. Desmond explains that eight years from then, in 2004, he's going to call her on Christmas Eve. She reluctantly gives it to him and he begs her not to change it. She kicks him out and – BZAAM.

Desmond is back on the freighter. Desmond quickly repeats Penny's number to Sayid, and the call goes through. Desmond waits as it rings, hoping it goes through. Then, "Hello?" Penny picks up. Desmond can't believe she answered, and Penny can't believe he called. She asks where he is, and he explains he's been on an island. He asks if she still cares about him, and she says yes. She's been searching for him for three years. She knows about the island, she's been doing research on it. A burst of static drowns her out. She comes back in and says when she talked to Charlie, she knew he was still alive. Desmond tells Penny he loves her and always will. Penny says no matter what, she'll find him. She loves him – and then the phone goes dead. The battery died, but it was enough. Desmond recognizes Sayid and is all right now.

At the beach camp, Faraday flips through his journal and sees an entry that reads, "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant."


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