Season 4
The Other Woman
The Other Woman
Season 4 | Episode 406 | Aired 03/05/2008

Juliet waits in an office, playing with a miniature Japanese rock garden, when a woman rushes in and apologizes for being late. She introduces herself as Harper Stanhope and explains that today is simply a meet-and-greet. Their actual sessions start tomorrow. Juliet says she doesn't need therapy, but Harper suggests they call it "talking" rather than "therapy." Juliet has been there a week now, and Harpers asks about her least favorite part. Juliet answers being treated like a celebrity. Harper reminds her that it may feel like all eyes are on her but she's not a celebrity. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. It's Tom Friendly. He apologizes but says Ben wants to see Juliet. Harper ends their session by saying, "Welcome to the island."

Now we realize it's a flashback, and Juliet has just arrived. She meets Ben, who indicates a house in the barracks and says it's her new home. Juliet says they didn't have to go to all that trouble since she's only staying for six months. Ben pauses and simply says they wanted her to feel at home.

WHOOSH to the beach camp. Jack asks if anyone has seen Faraday or Charlotte. Jin says he saw them go into the jungle. Jack wants to know why he didn't say anything. Jin says they're friends, aren't they?

They split up and begin looking for a trail. As Juliet moves through the jungle, she hears whispers. She spins around and comes face-to-face with Harper. Long time no see. She's there to deliver a message from Ben. Faraday and Charlotte are heading for the Tempest. If they figure out how to deploy the gas, then everyone on the island dies. Ben wants Juliet to stop them. Juliet asks how Ben could know where they're going since he's a prisoner. Harper says Ben is exactly where he wants to be. He wants Juliet to kill Faraday and Charlotte. Jack comes out of the jungle with his gun aimed at Harper. Jack asks who she is. Harper says she's an old friend, and maybe Jack and his gun can help Juliet. Then they hear the whispers. Jack spins around, looking for who else is there, and when he turns back Harper is gone.


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