Season 4
The Other Woman
The Other Woman
Season 4 | Episode 406 | Aired 03/05/2008
WHOOSH to a lab where Juliet sits on the floor crying. She hears something fall and break next door. She investigates and meets Goodwin. He lies and says he works at the power station and burned his arm on a transformer. Juliet tells him to take a seat, and she grabs some ointment and bandages. Goodwin notices her tears and says he heard they lost Henrietta. It's not Juliet's fault. Juliet says she's the one who's supposed to figure out why pregnant women are dying, so whose fault is it? Goodwin suggests talking to Harper, but Juliet says Harper hates her. She only talks to Harper because she has to. Plus, she gets the feeling Harper is a mean, spiteful person. Goodwin says Harper is his wife. Embarrassed, Juliet apologizes. Goodwin says don't worry about it. If she needs someone to talk to, he's around. If he promises not to tell Harper what she said, Juliet promises she won't tell anyone he lied about the chemical burn. Goodwin realizes he's busted and smiles.

WHOOSH to the jungle as Juliet and Jack trek towards the Tempest station. Juliet lies and tells Jack it's an electrical station that powers the island. Juliet asks for Jack's help to stop Faraday and Charlotte, and he agrees.

Faraday and Charlotte trek through the jungle using a hand-drawn map. Faraday asks Charlotte what happens if he can't do it. Charlotte says she knows he can do it. She's counting on him. They hear rustling in the jungle brush and draw their guns right as out pops Kate. She asks them what they're doing out in the jungle. Charlotte lies and says they're looking for their packs. Kate doesn't buy it. She searches Faraday's pack and finds gas masks inside. But Charlotte cold-cocks her from behind with the butt of her gun and knocks Kate unconscious.

WHOOSH to Juliet's lab. She explains to Ben that the problems occur sometime during the second trimester once the mother's immune system is triggered. The white cell count plummets, and it's like the immune system attacks the fetus itself. It only happens to women who conceive on the island. Goodwin interrupts them and is surprised to find Ben there. He covers and says since Ethan called in sick he had an extra lunch. Do either of them want it? Juliet already ate, plus she has an appointment with his wife in ten minutes. Ben picks up on their mutual interest.


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