Season 4
Ji Yeon
Ji Yeon
Season 4 | Episode 407 | Aired 03/12/2008

On the freighter, Keamy checks in with Lapidus and asks if he's ready. Lapidus says he'll be ready. Keamy warns him not to be late. Lapidus continues below where he runs into Regina, who is standing guard outside sick bay, where Sayid and Desmond are. Regina is acting strange, and Lapidus notices the book she's reading is upside down. Lapidus brings Sayid and Desmond food – cans of lima beans. Sayid asks if Lapidus has had contact with their friends, and Lapidus says no, something must have happened to their phone.

At the beach camp, Jin wants to talk about baby names but Sun thinks it's bad luck. Jin is hoping for a girl and wants to name her Ji Yeon, but Sun teases him and says it's going to be a boy. However, Sun is worried since Sayid and Desmond haven't returned yet or contacted them. She makes Jin a promise – they get off the island first and then they can pick a name.

WHOOSH to Sun in her Seoul apartment packing. She feels a sharp pain and winces. She calls emergency services, telling them she's pregnant and she thinks something is wrong. Then we see that Sun is nine months pregnant! We are in the future, and Sun is the latest member of the Oceanic Six.

Jin runs into a Seoul toy store, frantic, and asks for a stuffed panda bear. He doesn't have time – he has to get to the maternity ward. He doesn't even know if it's a boy or a girl yet. He pays for the panda and runs out.


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