Season 4
Ji Yeon
Ji Yeon
Season 4 | Episode 407 | Aired 03/12/2008
WHOOSH to the beach camp as Jack and Kate return. Kate explains that Charlotte knocked her out, and Sun becomes concerned. She asks if Faraday and Charlotte are really there to rescue them. Kate doesn't think so. Sun confronts Faraday and asks point blank if they are there to rescue them. Faraday is evasive and says it really isn't his call to make. Sun asks whose call is it, but Faraday won't respond. That's all the answer Sun needs, and she makes up her mind. She tells Jin to get supplies together and not tell anyone. They're going to Locke's camp.

WHOOSH to the hospital as Sun is wheeled in. A nurse tries to remove her wedding ring, and Sun tells her to stop. The nurse explains it's for the swelling, but Sun is adamant. The doctor comes in and tells Sun the baby is in distress. Sun asks them to get Jin, and the doctor assures her they're trying to reach him.

Jin is on a busy Seoul street and flags down a taxi. He puts the stuffed panda inside and gets a call on his cell phone. But he is jostled by a passerby and drops the phone. Before he can pick it up – a guy on a moped runs over the phone and crushes it. Then someone else rushes by Jin and gets in his taxi. The cab speeds off – and Jin realizes the panda is still inside. Frustrated, he runs back into the toy shop and buys another panda.

WHOOSH back to the beach as Juliet catches Sun going through her stuff. Sun asks for another bottle of the prenatal vitamins. Juliet asks about the last bottle she gave Sun – there should be twenty left. Sun doesn't want to discuss it, and Juliet realizes Sun is planning to go somewhere. Sun tells her they're going to Locke's camp. Juliet is shocked. She reminds Sun that women who get pregnant on the island die. Sun points out that Claire's baby is fine, and she feels fine. All she has is Juliet's stories that she'll die, and she doesn't trust Juliet. Sun is going to do what's best for her and for her baby.

On the freighter, Sayid and Desmond are slipped a note that reads, "Don't trust the captain." The doctor comes in and tells them that the Captain would now like to talk to them. As he leads them up, Sayid notices the helicopter is gone and asks where Lapidus went. The doctor doesn't know. Desmond watches as Regina steps up over the railing with a piece of heavy metal chain wrapped around herself and jumps overboard! They scramble to do something, but a voice bellows out for them to stop. They look up and see the captain standing on the bridge. He tells them she's gone and orders everyone back to their posts.


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